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  1. The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) after acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are well established. However, the relative benefit of CR in those with comorbidities, including diabetes, is not well understood...

    Authors: Birgitte Bitsch Gadager, Lars Hermann Tang, Maiken Bay Ravn, Patrick Doherty, Alexander Harrison, Jan Christensen, Rod S. Taylor, Ann-Dorthe Zwisler and Thomas Maribo
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:295
  2. Little is known about the evolution of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) since diagnosis and its association with glycemic and lipid control in patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM).

    Authors: João Soares Felício, Franciane Trindade Cunha de Melo, Giovana Miranda Vieira, Vitória Teixeira de Aquino, Fernanda de Souza Parente, Wanderson Maia da Silva, Nivin Mazen Said, Emanuele Rocha da Silva, Ana Carolina Contente Braga de Souza, Maria Clara Neres Iunes de Oliveira, Gabriela Nascimento de Lemos, Ícaro José Araújo de Souza, Angélica Leite de Alcântara, Lorena Vilhena de Moraes, João Felício Abrahão Neto, Natércia Neves Marques de Queiroz…
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:294
  3. Hypertension is defined as two or more measurements of systolic blood pressure equal to or greater than 130 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure equal to or greater than 80 mm Hg. At the community level, symptoms...

    Authors: Tadele Lankrew Ayalew, Belete Gelaw Wale and Bitew Tefera Zewudie
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:293
  4. Patients who undergo heart surgery are exposed to mental and physical difficulties after discharge from hospital. They often need support and follow-up after discharge. The use of educational approaches or sol...

    Authors: Leila Shahmoradi, Nafiseh Rezaei, Sorayya Rezayi, Mitra Zolfaghari and Babak Manafi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:292
  5. Device-associated thrombus are potential causes for thromboembolic events post left atrial appendage closure (LAAC), and correlated with the complete endothelialization of the device surface. Our aim was to ev...

    Authors: Xiaoxia Wu, Dongxing Ma, Tao Wan, Yuezhi Meng, Yilong Chen, Yejia Shen and Wei Huang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:291
  6. This prospective, multi-center, intensive monitoring study aimed to systematically assess the occurrence of adverse events (AEs) and adverse drug reactions (ADRs), especially thrombocytopenia and bleeding, as ...

    Authors: Haijun Zheng, Zhonghua Wang, Qi Li, Yingxin Zhao, Yin Liu, Aiming Chen, Jianping Deng and Guohai Su
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:290
  7. We lack data on the effect of single premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) on the clinical and echocardiographic response after cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) device implantation. We aimed to asse...

    Authors: Eperke Dóra Merkel, András Mihaly Boros, Walter Richárd Schwertner, Anett Behon, Attila Kovács, Bálint Károly Lakatos, László Gellér, Annamária Kosztin and Béla Merkely
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:289
  8. Acute kidney injury (AKI) stage 3, one of the most severe complications in patients with heart transplantation (HT), is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality. We aimed to develop a machine learni...

    Authors: Tingyu Li, Yuelong Yang, Jinsong Huang, Rui Chen, Yijin Wu, Zhuo Li, Guisen Lin, Hui Liu and Min Wu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:288
  9. Mechanical damage plays an essential role in the progression of atherosclerosis. Piezo1 is a new mechanically sensitive ion channel. The present study investigated the vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) apop...

    Authors: Qing Yin, Guangyao Zang, Nannan Li, Chenchen Sun and Rongzeng Du
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:287
  10. Circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) are considered a hot spot of research that can be employed for monitoring and/or diagnostic purposes in coronary artery disease (CAD). Since different disease features might be r...

    Authors: Hoda Y. Abdallah, Ranya Hassan, Ahmed Fareed, Mai Abdelgawad, Sally Abdallah Mostafa and Eman Abdel-Moemen Mohammed
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:286
  11. Cardiovascular disease is the world major cause of death. There is sufficient evidence that patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) experience poor quality of life. Health literacy and self efficacy are mod...

    Authors: Shaoying Du, Zhimin Feng, Wen Wang, Licong Tian and Yan Wang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:285
  12. PCSK9 gene expression is associated with biological processes such as lipid metabolism, glucose metabolism, and inflammation. In the present study, our primary objective was to assess the association between t...

    Authors: Meng-Meng Wang, Chen-Fei Lu, Shi-qi Yan, Bao-Zhu Wang, Gulinazi Yesitayi, Yong-Liang Tian, Xiang-Ma and Yi-Tong Ma
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:284
  13. This study aims to construct a reliable diagnostic model for coronary artery disease (CAD) patients and explore its potential mechanism by consensus molecular subtypes of ferroptosis-related genes.

    Authors: Lina Ding, Fei Long, Dan An, Jing Liu and Guannan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:283
  14. The formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) is a crucial risk factor for the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases in diabetes. We investigated whether N-epsilon-carboxymethyllysine (CML), a majo...

    Authors: Le-Ying Li, Shuai Chen, Fei-Fei Li, Zhi-Ming Wu, Ying Shen, Feng-Hua Ding, Xiao-Qun Wang, Wei-Feng Shen, Qiu-Jing Chen, Yang Dai and Lin Lu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:282
  15. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Oxidative stress is one of the important contributors to the pathogenesis of CHD. Se...

    Authors: Xue Tian, Yu Gao, Min Zhong, Mowei Kong, Lihua Zhao, Zengbin Feng, Qitian Sun, Jianqiu He and Xiaoyan Liu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:281
  16. Neuropsychiatric side effects of cardiac drugs such as nervousness, mood swings and agitation may be misinterpreted as symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety in cardiac patients is highly prevalent and associated with p...

    Authors: Camilla Rotvig, Anne Vinggaard Christensen, Knud Juel, Jesper Hastrup Svendsen, Martin Balslev Jørgensen, Trine Bernholdt Rasmussen, Britt Borregaard, Lars Thrysoee, Charlotte Brun Thorup, Rikke Elmose Mols and Selina Kikkenborg Berg
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:280
  17. Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) is a recognized complication of diabetes mellitus that precedes and is a risk factor for heart failure. We aimed to determine the prevalence of LVDD and its associ...

    Authors: Boniface Amanee Elias Lumori, Edwin Nuwagira, Fardous Charles Abeya, Abdirahman Ali Araye, Godfrey Masette, Charles K. Mondo, Samson Okello, Conrad Muzoora and Anthony Muyingo
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:279
  18. Familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (FHCM) is an autosomal dominant inherited disease caused by mutations in genes encoding cardiac sarcomere proteins. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play an important role in the pathoge...

    Authors: Li-rong Lin, Xue-qun Hu, Li-hong Lu, Jia-zhen Dai, Ning-ning Lin, Re-hua Wang, Zhang-xin Xie and Xue-mei Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:278
  19. Acute thrombosis of an abdominal aortic aneurysm with acute limb ischaemia is an unusual complication and is associated with high mortality. Dislocation of the intrasaccular mural thrombus could be one of the ...

    Authors: Ying-Sheng Li and Ying-Ching Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:277
  20. Hyponatremia is a common electrolyte abnormality that has been associated with poor outcomes in several conditions including acute myocardial infarction (AMI). However, those studies were performed in the era ...

    Authors: Andres Cordova Sanchez, Kunal Bhuta, Gary Shmorgon, Nicholas Angeloni, Ryan Murphy and Debanik Chaudhuri
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:276
  21. Adherence to self-care recommendations in heart failure (HF) patients is essential to improve the patients’ quality of life, prevent hospital admission, and reduce mortality and morbidity. Nevertheless, poor a...

    Authors: Aemiro Baymot, Debela Gela and Tadesse Bedada
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:275
  22. Left bundle branch pacing (LBBP) has become a hot topic in the field of physiological pacing. However, only a few studies have described the characteristics of the intrinsic intracardiac electrogram (EGM) whil...

    Authors: Xiaojie Cai, Longfu Jiang, Shanshan Zhuo and Hao Wu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:274
  23. Dyslipidemia is one of independent risk factors for coronary atherosclerotic heart disease (CAHD). We determined whether the LDL/HDL ratio is better than LDL-C or HDL-C alone in predicting the severity of CAHD.

    Authors: Ting Sun, Mengyun Chen, Huanhuan Shen, PingYin, Li Fan, Xin Chen, Jun Wu, Zuojun Xu and Junfeng Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:273
  24. The aim of this study is to assess the burden of AF-related hospitalizations inclusive of inflation-adjusted cost-of-care and length-of-stay (LOS) among cancer patients and the impact of direct current cardiov...

    Authors: Avirup Guha, Anubhav Jain, Ankita Aggarwal, Amit K. Dey, Sourbha Dani, Sarju Ganatra, Francis E. Marchlinski, Daniel Addison and Michael G. Fradley
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:272
  25. Various randomized multicenter studies have shown that percutaneous left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) is not inferior in stroke prevention compared to vitamin K antagonists (VKA) and can be performed safely...

    Authors: Lucie Kretzler, Christoph Mues, Carsten Wunderlich, Anke Langbein, S. G. Spitzer, Ulrich Gerk, Sebastian Schellong, Thomas Ketteler, Hans Neuser, Marcus Schwefer, Ruth Strasser, Karim Ibrahim, Steffen Schoen and Marian Christoph
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:271
  26. Cardiac rehabilitation for heart failure continues to be greatly underused worldwide despite being a Class I recommendation in international clinical guidelines and uptake is low in women and patients with men...

    Authors: Paulina Daw, Alexander Harrison, Patrick J. Doherty, Jet J. C. S. Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Hasnain M. Dalal, Rod S. Taylor, Samantha B. van Beurden, Sinéad T. J. McDonagh and Colin J. Greaves
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:270
  27. The causal association between educational attainment (EA) and stroke remains unclear. Hence, a novel multivariable Mendelian randomization (MVMR) approach was applied to solve this issue.

    Authors: Weihao Zhang, Yuanjin Li, Yuming Li, Kai Zheng, Shenghui Zou, Xing Jia and Hua Yang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:269
  28. The rest-only single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) had low sensitivity in diagnosing obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD). Improving the efficacy of re...

    Authors: Bao Liu, Wenji Yu, Jianfeng Wang, Xiaoliang Shao, Feifei Zhang, Mingge Zhou, Yunmei Shi, Bing Wang, Yiduo Xu and Yuetao Wang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:268
  29. A better understanding of how cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and adiposity interact to associate with arterial blood pressure over time remains inconclusive. Thus, the aim of the present study was to examine ...

    Authors: Caroline Brand, Ana Paula Sehn, Camila Felin Fochesatto, João Francisco de Castro Silveira, Jorge Mota, David Martinez Gomez, Anelise Reis Gaya, Cézane Priscila Reuter and Jane Dagmar Pollo Renner
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:267
  30. Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the most commonly acquired heart disease in children and young people in low and middle-income settings. Fragile health systems and scarcity of data persist to limit the unders...

    Authors: Panduleni Penipawa Shimanda, Stefan Söderberg, Scholastika Ndatinda Iipinge, Ebba Mwalundouta Neliwa, Fenny Fiindje Shidhika and Fredrik Norström
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:266
  31. Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) is common in hypertension and is a predictor of increased cardiovascular risk, however the effect of LVDD, detected by new guideline, on major adverse cardiac even...

    Authors: Dan Zhou, Mengqi Yan, Qi Cheng, Xiaoxuan Feng, Songtao Tang and Yingqing Feng
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:265
  32. Our study aimed to investigate the association between epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) and atrial fibrillation (AF) recurrence risk after catheter ablation.

    Authors: Jun Chen, Ziwei Mei, Yang Yang, Chuxing Dai, Yimin Wang, Rui Zeng and Qiang Liu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:264
  33. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) increases the risk of new diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Night shift work (NSW) may influence metabolic disturbance and lead to MetS. This study aims to investigate the associat...

    Authors: Chaohui Dong, Honglian Zeng, Bo Yang, Yi Zhang and Zhitao Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:263
  34. Previous studies have observed inconsistent associations between coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and heart failure (HF), but these studies were prone to bias based on reverse causality and residual confoun...

    Authors: Huachen Wang, Zheng Guo, Yulu Zheng and Bing Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:262
  35. More and more evidence indicates sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors (SGLT2is) may display clinical benefits for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). However, the mechanisms of the ac...

    Authors: Bo Liang, Yi Liang and Ning Gu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:261
  36. The lack of dystrophin in cardiomyocytes in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is associated with progressive decline in cardiac function eventually leading to death by 20–40 years of age. The aim of this prosp...

    Authors: Abhinandan Batra, Alison M. Barnard, Donovan J. Lott, Rebecca J. Willcocks, Sean C. Forbes, Saptarshi Chakraborty, Michael J. Daniels, Jannik Arbogast, William Triplett, Erik K. Henricson, Jonathan G. Dayan, Carsten Schmalfuss, Lee Sweeney, Barry J. Byrne, Craig M. McDonald, Krista Vandenborne…
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:260
  37. The effect of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells (BM-MNCs) after acute myocardial infarction (AMI) on myocardial function indices such as left ventricular ejection fraction has been widely studied. However,...

    Authors: Armin Attar, Alireza Hosseinpour, Hamidreza Hosseinpour and Asma Kazemi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:259
  38. Although Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine concentration (Cr) has been widely measured in daily clinical practice, BUN-to-Cr ratio (BCR) for prognosis among patients admitted with cardiogenic shoc...

    Authors: Di Sun, Changmin Wei and Zhen Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:258
  39. Immune abnormalities and inflammatory responses play critical roles in progression of hypertension. Basic studies have confirmed that Th17 cell and related cytokines are important in promoting hypertension-med...

    Authors: Zhuoqun Wang, Jiannan Wang, Pengfei Yang, Xiwen Song and Yongle Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:257
  40. Spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) is now recognized as an important cause of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), which is thought to be more prevalent in women. However, the male patients, on the other ...

    Authors: Yongjun Li, Mingming Yang, Xi Chen, Xiaoguo Zhang, Rui Zhang, Pengfei Zuo, Lei Jiang and Genshan Ma
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:256
  41. Thoracic aortic aneurysm (TAA), is a pathological dilatation of the aortic segment with the tendency to expand, dissect or rupture, and risk of mortality. The progression rate is mainly slow. As the risk of ru...

    Authors: Mohammadbagher Sharifkazemi, Mohammadhassan Nemati, Seyed Mohammad Owji and Leila Ahmadi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:254
  42. Pressure–volume (PV) loops provide comprehensive information of cardiac function, but commonly implies an invasive procedure under general anesthesia. A novel technique has made it possible to non-invasively e...

    Authors: Pia Sjöberg, Petru Liuba, Håkan Arheden, Einar Heiberg and Marcus Carlsson
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:253
  43. Commotio cordis is an event in which a blunt, non-penetrating blow to the chest occurs, triggering a life-threatening arrhythmia and often sudden death. This phenomenon is often seen in young, male athletes an...

    Authors: Neha Patel, Clarissa Pena, Zeid Nesheiwat, Fnu Zafrullah and Ehab Eltahawy
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:252
  44. Endothelial dysfunction appears early in the development of cardiovascular disease and is associated with type 2 diabetes. We, therefore, tested the hypothesis that endothelial dysfunction is already present i...

    Authors: Yingwei Wang, Guangxia Li, Jing Qi, Ting Gong, Xiudong Li, Fanghe Liu, Xuejing Bi, Yang Zhao, Meihua Liang, Xiaodong Zheng and Yuandong Qiao
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:251
  45. Few studies examined the relationship between triglyceride/glucose index (TyG index) and atherosclerosis in Japanese adults. Therefore, this study evaluated their relationship, as measured based on the brachia...

    Authors: Xingping Yang, Zhao Gao, Xuming Huang, Mingxing Zhang and Zhuoming Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:250
  46. Blood lipids are strong risk factors for the progression of atherosclerotic plaques. However, data on gender-specific associations are limited.

    Authors: Sumaya Al Helali, Muhammad Abid Hanif, Ahmad Al Majed, Nura Alshugair, Abdullah Belfageih, Hamad Al Qahtani and Sameer Al Dulikan
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:249
  47. Cellular and animal studies have shown that endoplasmic reticulum protein B (Nogo-B) is associated with hypertension, but that association has not been fully studied in humans. Therefore, the expression levels...

    Authors: Shunuo Li, Jianmeng Zheng, Xiaoxia Dong, Shasha Bi, Liqin Duan, Wei Zheng and Peishi Yan
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:248
  48. The relationship between ambulatory arterial stiffness index (AASI) and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (LVDD) in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is unknown. We aime...

    Authors: Hanwen Zhang, Weiwei Hu, Yu Wang, Jie Liu, Linna You, Qian Dong, Guanglei Chang, Xiaocheng Cheng, Zhiqiang Liu and Dongying Zhang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2022 22:246

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