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  1. Hypertension, among diabetic patients, is a worldwide public-health challenge and a number one modifiable risk factor for other cardiovascular diseases and death. The prevalence of hypertension among the diabe...

    Authors: Eyosiyas Abreham Anjajo, Shimelash Bitew Workie, Zegeye Gelan Tema, Beshada Zerfu Woldegeorgis and Efa Ambaw Bogino
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:233
  2. Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) leads to high plasma low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels and early cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. We treated a pair of siblings with FH. The cardiovas...

    Authors: Ze-Ping Wang, Ya-Jie Wu, Ying Gao, Jie Qian, Long-Tao Liu, Yuan-Lin Guo, Jian-Jun Li and Ke-Ji Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:227
  3. Guillain–Barre syndrome after myocardial infarction occurs infrequently, and its occurrence following percutaneous coronary intervention is extremely rare. Due to the high mortality rate of myocardial infarcti...

    Authors: Pu-yuan Wen, Xian-wen Chen, Min Zhang, Wen-zheng Chu, Hong-liang Wu and Chao Ren
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:226

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:256

  4. Cardiac sarcoidosis is found to occur in approximately 5% of patients with sarcoidosis. Its presentation can typically range from complete heart block to ventricular arrhythmias. This condition can rarely pres...

    Authors: Teja Chakrala, Roshni O. Prakash, Anshul Jain, R. Ashton Vautier, Sahil Prasada, Mohammed Al-Ani and Mustafa M. Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:225
  5. Noncompaction of ventricular myocardium(NVM) is a rare kind of cardiomyopathy associated with genetic mutations and nongenetic factors, among which the isolated right ventricular noncompaction (iRVNC) is the m...

    Authors: Bo Yu, Kun Shi, Yang Wen and Yanfeng Yang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:224
  6. Preterm birth and low birthweight have been associated with increased risk of heart failure and cardiovascular disease in young adulthood. However, results from clinical studies of myocardial function are not ...

    Authors: Britt Engan, Tom R. Omdal, Gottfried Greve, Maria Vollsaeter and Elisabeth Leirgul
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:222
  7. Increased body mass index (BMI) is associated with better survival in patients with acute heart failure (AHF), which is a paradoxical phenomenon. However, it is unclear whether different nutritional status aff...

    Authors: Linlin Liu, Jun Qian, Yuanyuan Li, Ye Ni, Ya Zhao and Lin Che
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:221
  8. Acute coronary syndrome(ACS) is the leading cause of mortality and disability worldwide. Immune response has been confirmed to play a vital role in the occurrence and development of ACS. The objective of this ...

    Authors: Muzhi Lin, Bing Wang, Bo Wei, Chao Li, Lin Tu, Xiaohan Zhu, Zheyi Wu, Guangwei Huang, Xiyang Lu, Guobao Xiong, Shanglin Lu, Xinglin Yang, Peng Li, Xingde Liu, Wei Li, Yuming Lu…
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:220
  9. Primary cardiac tumors are rare, and cardiac myxoma (CM) accounts for the majority of these tumors. Most of the reports in the literature are case reports. This study summarizes our clinical experience in the ...

    Authors: Shengliang Zhao, Hua Li, Chun Wu, Zhengxia Pan, Gang Wang and Jiangtao Dai
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:219
  10. The cardiac magnetic resonance tissue tracking (CMR-TT) technique was used to obtain left atrial strain and strain rate in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) and to evaluate the utility of this technique...

    Authors: Xiaofeng Jiang, Yi Yan, Zhi Yang, Miao Wen, Yitian Long, Bing Fu and Jian Jiang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:218
  11. There is currently a lack of a precise, concise, and practical clinical prediction model for predicting coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients with essential hypertension (EH). This study aimed to construct...

    Authors: Xiao-Dong Huang, Ji-Yan Lin, Xian-Wei Huang, Ting-Ting Zhou and Liang-Di Xie
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:217
  12. In the atrial fibrillation (AF) population, worsened quality of life (QOL) has been reported even before complications occur. Symptom-based questionnaires can be used to evaluate AF treatment. The Atrial Fibri...

    Authors: Muhammad Yamin, Simon Salim, Siti Setiati, Angga Pramudita Pudianto, Putri Zulmiyusrini, Sally Aman Nasution, Ika Prasetya Wijaya, Lusiani Rusdi, Birry Karim, Raden Fidiaji Hiltono Santoso and Friska Anggraini Helena Silitonga
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:216
  13. The relationship between relative hyperglycemia and ventricular arrhythmia (VA) in critically ill patients admitted to intensive care units (ICU) remains unclear. This study aims to investigate the association...

    Authors: Hechen Shen, Song Wang, Chong Zhang, Wenqing Gao, Xiaoqiong Cui, Qiang Zhang, Yuheng Lang, Meng Ning and Tong Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:215

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:260

  14. The objective of this study was to assess the association between clinically indicated liraglutide treatment and coronary artery plaque progression during 1-year follow-up in asymptomatic diabetes.

    Authors: Laurits Juhl Heinsen, Gokulan Pararajasingam, Thomas Rueskov Andersen, Søren Auscher, Hussam Mahmoud Sheta, Helle Precht, Kalle Brunebjerg Engdam, Jørgen Hangaard, Jess Lambrechtsen, Filip Krag Knop and Kenneth Egstrup
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:214
  15. Owing to the increase in both intravenous drug injections and intracardiac and vascular interventional treatments among drug users, the incidence of infective endocarditis (IE) involving the tricuspid valve, w...

    Authors: Linfeng Xie, Xiaodong Chen, Jian He, Sixian Lin, Xingfeng Chen, Qingsong Wu, Ling Chen, Jingxiang Zhuang, Zhihuang Qiu and Liangwan Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:213
  16. Cerebrovascular disorders pose a global health concern. Advances in basic and clinical research, including induced pluripotent stem cell models and multi-omic approaches, have improved our understanding and ma...

    Authors: Alessandra Granata, Eric L Harshfield and Joseph V Moxon
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:212
  17. The anion gap (AG) has been linked to the prognosis of many cardiovascular disorders. However, the correlation between albumin-corrected anion gap (ACAG) and 30 d all-cause mortality of intensive care patients...

    Authors: Linhao Jian, Zhixiang Zhang, Quan Zhou, Xiangjie Duan, Haiqin Xu and Liangqing Ge
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:211
  18. Identification of high-risk patients in secondary cardiovascular prevention may be challenging, although risk stratification tools are available. Cardiac troponins might have predictive value in identification...

    Authors: Anete Kaldal, Serena Tonstad and Jarle Jortveit
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:210
  19. The clinical benefits and risks of anticoagulation therapy in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are still inconclusive. We describe the outcomes of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) after anticoa...

    Authors: Min Soo Cho, Hyung Oh Choi, Ki Won Hwang, Jun Kim, Gi-Byoung Nam and Kee-Joon Choi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:209
  20. Brugada syndrome is an inherited cardiac arrhythmia disorder that is mainly associated with mutations of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel alpha subunit 5 (SCN5A) gene. The clinical symptoms include ventri...

    Authors: Kirsi Penttinen, Chandra Prajapati, Disheet Shah, Dhanesh Kattipparambil Rajan, Reeja Maria Cherian, Heikki Swan and Katriina Aalto-Setälä
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:208
  21. Authors: Dimitrios V. Moysidis, Stylianos Daios, Vasileios Anastasiou, Alexandros C. Liatsos, Andreas S. Papazoglou, Efstratios Karagiannidis, Vasileios Kamperidis, Kali Makedou, Aikaterini Thisiadou, Paraskevi Karalazou, Marios Papadakis, Christos Savopoulos, Antonios Ziakas, George Giannakoulas, Vassilios Vassilikos and Georgios Giannopoulos
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:207

    The original article was published in BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:149

  22. Myocardial infarction (MI) is one of the life-threatening coronary-associated pathologies characterized by sudden cardiac death. The provision of complete insight into MI complications along with designing a ...

    Authors: Nader Salari, Fatemeh Morddarvanjoghi, Amir Abdolmaleki, Shabnam Rasoulpoor, Ali Asghar Khaleghi, Leila Afshar Hezarkhani, Shamarina Shohaimi and Masoud Mohammadi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:206
  23. Patients with heart failure frequently report inadequate self-care behaviours. Physical symptoms can impact patients’ ability to perform self-care behaviours. However, studies investigating the association bet...

    Authors: Xu Liu, Li Liu, Yan Li and Xi Cao
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:205
  24. The purpose of this study was to explore whether miR-494-3p inhibits the occurrence of mitochondrial autophagy in cardiomyocytes by inhibiting the expression of PGC1-α and to supplement the theoretical basis f...

    Authors: Ninghui Mu, Tong Zhang, Ying Zhu, Bingtuan Lu, Qi Zheng and Jinlan Duan
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:204
  25. Cardiac hemangioma is a very rare benign tumor of the heart which accounts for 1–2% of all primary cardiac tumors. Multiple cardiac hemangiomas are even rarer with only three cases published in the literature....

    Authors: Ting Xie, Matiullah Masroor, Xuan Chen, Fujin Liu, Jie Zhang, Dayan Yang, Cong Liu and Mei Xiang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:203
  26. Currently, the study outcomes of anthropometric markers to predict the risk of hypertension are still inconsistent due to the effect of racial disparities. This study aims to investigate the most effective pre...

    Authors: Yuqing Li, Jiaofeng Gui, Xiaoyun Zhang, Ying Wang, Yujin Mei, Xue Yang, Haiyang Liu, Lei-lei Guo, Jinlong Li, Yunxiao Lei, Xiaoping Li, Lu Sun, Liu Yang, Ting Yuan, Congzhi Wang, Dongmei Zhang…
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:201
  27. Sub-valvular aortic stenosis is a rare disorder that has a prevalence of 6.5% of all adult congenital heart diseases. The hemodynamic changes that occur in pregnancy with the resultant increase in cardiac outp...

    Authors: Lambert Tetteh Appiah, Solomon Gyabaah, Yaw Adu-Boakye and Bernard C. Nkum
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:200
  28. Methylergonovine is a vasoconstrictive agent historically used as a provocative agent in the lab for coronary vasospasm; it is also a first line uterotonic agent for management of postpartum hemorrhage.

    Authors: Sae K Jang, Kathryn Berlacher and Alisse Hauspurg
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:199
  29. Patients with acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) are at high risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) despite timely ...

    Authors: Luyao Huang, Jing Zhang, Qing Huang, Ruiqing Cui and Jian Chen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:198
  30. Lifestyle factors such as physical fitness, dietary habits, mental stress, and sleep quality, are strong predictors of the occurrence, clinical course, and overall treatment outcomes of common cardiovascular d...

    Authors: W. F. Goevaerts, N. C. C. W. Tenbült - van Limpt, W. J. Kop, M. V. Birk, Y. Liu, R. W. M. Brouwers, Y. Lu and H. M. C. Kemps
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:196
  31. To assess the predictive accuracy of the stress hyperglycemia ratio (SHR) for in-hospital major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events (MACCE) in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarc...

    Authors: Wen Guo, Jiajia Zhu and Wenxian Liu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:195
  32. Prediction of lifetime cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk is recommended in many clinical guidelines, but lifetime risk models are rarely externally validated. The aim of this study was to externally validate t...

    Authors: Shona Livingstone, Daniel R. Morales, Jacques Fleuriot, Peter T. Donnan and Bruce Guthrie
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:194
  33. Recently, an increasing number of studies have suggested using serum neurofilament light (NfL) chain to predict the neurologic outcome after cardiac arrest. However, the predictive ability of this approach rem...

    Authors: Shu Li Wang, Nan Li, Shun Yi Feng and Yong Li
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:193
  34. Postcardiac injury syndrome (PCIS) is an easy-to-miss diagnosis, but it is not an uncommon complication. The phenomenon of echocardiography (ECHO) showing both severe pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and ...

    Authors: Jia Shi, Mengjiao Shao, Xianhui Zhou, Yanmei Lu and Baopeng Tang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:192
  35. We explored the effect of thrombin on human aortic smooth muscle cells (HASMCs) and further analyzed its role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis (AS). Thrombin-induced differentially expressed genes (DEGs)...

    Authors: Yichen Zhang, Lin Sun, Xingsheng Wang and Qingbo Zhou
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:191
  36. The main manifestations of Takotsubo syndrome (TTS) are a spherical expansion of the left ventricle or near the apex and decreased systolic function. TTS is mostly thought to be induced by emotional stress, an...

    Authors: Zhi-Yue Zhang, Jin-Jin Sun, Jun-Hua Wang, Peng Wang, Bai-Mei Liu, Jun-Hua Xing, Jun Liu, Da-Peng Zhang, Zhen-Zhen Kong, Hai-Tao Zhang and Xin-Ya Yu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:189
  37. Acute type A aortic dissection (ATAAD) is a life-threatening pathological change of the aorta. Patients who have undergone aortic surgery are usually at high risk of mortality.

    Authors: Xiaohui He, Jing Wang, Yuan Xue, Shipan Wang, Yanjun Dong, Hongjia Zhang and Meili Wang
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:188
  38. COVID-19 has caused the deferral of millions of elective procedures, likely resulting in a backlog of cases. We estimate the number of postponed surgical aortic valve replacement (sAVR) and transcatheter aorti...

    Authors: Adrian Heidenreich, Peter Stachon, Vera Oettinger, Ingo Hilgendorf, Timo Heidt, Jonathan Rilinger, Manfred Zehender, Dirk Westermann, Constantin von zur Mühlen and Klaus Kaier
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:187
  39. Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is an essential component in secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Current guidelines recommend that the program should be comprehensive including multidisciplinary behav...

    Authors: Jidong Sung, Chul Kim, Jae-Young Han, Sungju Jee, Jang Woo Lee, Jong Hwa Lee, Won-Seok Kim, Heui Je Bang, Sora Baek, Kyung-Lim Joa, Ae Ryoung Kim, So Young Lee, Jihee Kim, Chung Reen Kim and Oh Pum Kwon
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:186
  40. Genetic factors have a certain proportion in the risk factors of hypertension. The purpose was to investigate the relationship of cytochrome P450 2C19 (CYP2C19) polymorphisms with hypertension in Hakka population...

    Authors: Nan Cai, Cunren Li, Xianfang Gu, Wenfeng Zeng, Jiawei Zhong, Jingfeng Liu, Guopeng Zeng, Junxing Zhu and Haifeng Hong
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:185
  41. Higher plasma levels of natriuretic peptides (NPs) have been associated with reduced anxiety in experimental research and a number of patient samples. As NP levels are elevated in heart failure patients, we in...

    Authors: Marieke R. Wilke, Daniel Broschmann, Anja Sandek, Rolf Wachter, Frank Edelmann and Christoph Herrmann-Lingen
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:184
  42. Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading causes of death globally, including Thailand. Approximately one-tenth of Thai adults have type 2 diabetes (T2D), a significantly increasing CVD. Our study aimed to...

    Authors: Sethapong Lertsakulbunlue, Mathirut Mungthin, Ram Rangsin, Anupong Kantiwong and Boonsub Sakboonyarat
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:183
  43. Evidence and guidelines for Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) use when prescribing concurrent rifampin for tuberculosis treatment in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) are...

    Authors: Ki Won Hwang, Jin Hee Choi, Soo Yong Lee, Sang Hyun Lee, Min Ku Chon, Jungkuk Lee, Hasung Kim, Yong-Giun Kim, Hyung Oh Choi, Jeong Su Kim, Yong-Hyun Park, June Hong Kim, Kook Jin Chun, Gi-Byoung Nam and Kee-Joon Choi
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:182
  44. Left atrial (LA) appendage flow velocity (LAAFV) is a classic but invasive predictor of thromboembolic events in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). We aimed to explore the usefulness of LA diameter (LAD) ...

    Authors: Guangyu Wang, Guangyu Li, Feng Hu, Minhua Zang and Jun Pu
    Citation: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 2023 23:180

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