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Table 3 SPIRIT flow diagram

From: Study rationale and design of a study of EMPAgliflozin’s effects in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and Coronary ARtery disease: the EMPA-CARD randomized controlled trial

  1. 2D-TTE 2-dimentional trans-thoracic echocardiography
  2. *The safety measurements were done at the visit 0, visit 3 and whenever an adverse event occurs in a patient. The measurements included liver and renal function related laboratory measurements (aspartate-aminotransferase [AST], alanine-aminotransferase [ALT], alkaline phosphatase [ALP], creatinine [Cr] and blood urea nitrogen [BUN]), serum electrolyte measurements (sodium [Na], potassium [K]), coagulative measurements (prothrombin time [PT], partial thromboplastin time [PTT]), complete blood count (CBC), urine analysis (U/A), and urine culture (U/C) if the U/A become active and/or urogenital symptoms develop