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Table 2 The comparison of the experimental variables in the CBDL+PPVL versus CBDL models

From: Impact of liver damage on blood-borne variables and pulmonary hemodynamic responses to hypoxia and hyperoxia in anesthetized rats

CBD + PPVLEffectCBDLEffect
Liver damage ↑↑Liver dysfunctionLiver damage ↑↑Liver dysfunction
Liver enzymes ↑↑Liver dysfunctionLiver enzymes ↑↑Liver dysfunction
WBC ↑↑Systemic InflammationWBC ↑Systemic inflammation
PLT ↓↓Vascular thrombosisPLT ↔No change
Basal RVSP ↑↑ Basal RVSP ↑ 
HPVNo responseHPVNo response
ROS ↑Systemic InflammationROS ↑Systemic Inflammation
PaO2Impairment of gas exchangePaO2Little effect
PaO2/FIO2Impairment of gas exchangePaO2/FIO2Little effect
Estradiol ↑ Estradiol ↑↑