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Table 3 Outcomes after adjustment for hypertension, transient risk factors, history of VTE and cancer

From: Outcome of anticoagulation with rivaroxaban in patients with non-retrieved inferior vena cava filters for the prevention of filter thrombosis: a retrospective cohort study

Outcomes Unadjusted HRa (95% CI) P value Adjusted HRb (95% CI) P value
Filter thrombosis 0.622 (0.167–2.318)c 0.480 0.459 (0.119–1.770)c 0.258
Bleeding events 0.276 (0.099–0.768)c 0.014 0.277 (0.096–0.803)c 0.018
All-cause mortality 0.881 (0.340–2.284)c 0.795 0.764 (0.281–2.078)c 0.598
  1. aUnadjusted model only studies the relationship between the outcomes and anticoagulant drugs
  2. bAdjusted model studies the relationship between the outcomes, anticoagulant drugs and adjustment factors
  3. cwarfarin was used as a reference