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Table 6 Significant SNP-SNP interactions between 61 SNPs and SNPs of 11q23.3, 9p21.3 loci associated with coronary artery disease

From: Analysis of 61 SNPs from the CAD specific genomic loci reveals unique set of SNPs as significant markers in the Southern Indian population of Hyderabad

Chromosomal location SNP Pair Odds ratio p value
SNP1 (Chr 2) SNP2 (11q23.3)
Between Chr 2& 11q23.3SNPs rs7582720 (WDR 12) rs6589566(ZPR1) 13.31 3.31e−05
rs1263163(APOA5-APOA4) 8.530 7.09e−05
rs10488699 (BUD13) 0.103 1.54e−05
  1. Bold indicates risk SNP combinations