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Table 1 Overview of all features stored in the database

From: Routine clinical care data from thirteen cardiac outpatient clinics: design of the Cardiology Centers of the Netherlands (CCN) database

Phase Measurement
(2007-Feb 2018)
(-) Presence and characteristics of cardiac symptoms (chest pain, dyspnoea, fatigue, palpitations, collapse, heart murmurs)
(-) Anthropometrics (height, weight, hip circumference, blood pressure, heart rate, heart and breathing sounds, pulse, palpation)
(-) Behavioural cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, alcohol use)
(-) Comorbidities (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidaemia)
(-) Family history of cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis, sudden death, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia)
(-) Lipids (total, high density, and low density cholesterol, triglycerides)
(-) Potassium, sodium, haemoglobin, glucose
(-) Glomerular filtration rate
(-) Lipoprotein A, brain natriuretic protein, thyroid stimulation hormone
(-) M-mode (dimensions of aorta and left heart chambers)
(-) Two-dimensional (evaluation of function and shape of all heart chambers and valves)
(-) Colour Doppler (valve insufficiencies and septum defects)
(-) Spectral Doppler (left ventricular diastolic function and gradients over valves)
(-) Intima Media Thickness (left and right, anterior and posterior)
(-) Duration of defined ECG intervals and complexes (RR, PR, QRS, QT)
(-) ST depression, elevation, negative T-top, QRS axis
(-) Dilatation of left and right atrium, intraventricular conduction delay, left ventricular hypertrophy
Stress ECG
(-) Protocol, device, target heart rate, use of β-blocker before exercise test
(-) ECG characteristics, blood pressure and heart rate before and during exercise test
(-) Duration and load of exercise test, exercise tolerance, reason to stop exercise test
(-) Arrhythmia or angina symptoms during exercise test, left ventricular hypertrophy
(-) Cardiologist summary of visit (free text)
(-) Cardiovascular medication use grouped by researchers
(-) Date medication was started and date it was ended when applicable
(-) Cardiovascular diagnosis defined by researchers
(-) Cardiovascular risk factor diagnosis defined by researchers
(-) Date of diagnosis
(2007—Feb 2018)
Consult, Intake, Lab, TTE, ECG, Stress ECG and Decursus as described for baseline
External procedures
(-) External procedure performed and location where it was performed
(-) External procedure grouped by researchers
(-) Date of appointment
Record linkage (2019) All-cause mortality
Educational level
Personal income
Cause-specific mortality