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Table 4 Known-groups validity by comparing the median percentage score in awareness regarding FH between PCP-PG-Qual and PCP-noPG-Qual

From: Validity and reliability of an adapted questionnaire measuring knowledge, awareness and practice regarding familial hypercholesterolaemia among primary care physicians in Malaysia

KAP Domain Median (± IqR) percentage score of PCP-PG-Qual n = 31 Median (± IqR) percentage score of PCP-noPG-Qual n = 99 Median difference in percentage score z-valuea p-valueb
Awareness 15.4 (23.08) 7.7 (15.38) 7.69 2.17 0.030
  1. KAP, knowledge, awareness and practice; IqR, inter quartile range; n, number; PCP-PG-Qual, primary care physicians with postgraduate qualification; PCP-noPG-Qual, primary care physicians without postgraduate qualification;
  2. a Mann Whitney u-test was used to compare medians as the data was not normally distributed. The null hypothesis was rejected as the z value was > 1.96
  3. b Significant p < 0.05