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Table 4 COX proportional hazard model for the cardiac death of the study cohort

From: Comparison of the prognosis for different onset stage of cardiogenic shock secondary to ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

HR95% CIp-valueHR95% CIp-value
Age1.0661.041–1.091< 0.0011.0681.038–1.099< 0.001
Male sex3.5432.132–5.889< 0.0012.1001.196–3.6880.01
Prior Stroke1.8651.007–3.4530.0471.9891.124–3.5230.018
Known kidney dysfunction1.7641.035–3.0070.037
Prior MI1.3450.328–5.5190.681
Pre-procedural SBP0.9920.975–1.0010.081
Pre-procedural HR1.0191.003–1.0350.017
LVEF, per % increased0.9490.909–0.9910.0170.9110.871–0.954< 0.001
TG, per mmol/L increased0.8890.679–1.1650.394
TCh, per mmol/L increased0.8110.623–1.0550.118
LDL-C, per mmol/L increased0.740.518–1.0570.098   
HDL-C, per mmol/L increased1.0750.572–2.0200.823
Multivessel lesions1.9541.191–3.2080.008
Time of symptom-wire, per hour increased1.0110.999–1.0230.081
IABP utility2.0040.951–4.2240.068
Shock index (per 0.1 increased)1.21.079–1.3340.001
Anterior MI0.7950.479–1.3190.374
Onset stage of CS
 Non- CS (reference)11
 CS on admission3.3451.496–7.4790.0032.7391.210–6.2040.016
 developed CS2.3461.252–4.3950.0082.2331.164–4.2860.016
Killips Classification
 Killips = 1(reference)1
 Killips = 22.7371.502–4.9880.001
 Killips = 33.841.694–8.7000.007
 Killips = 44.131.460–11.6810.001
post-PCI TIMI flow of IRA
  1. MACE Major adverse cardiac events, CS Cardiogenic shock, SBP Stytolic blood pressure, HR Heart rate, bpm beats per minute, LVEF Left ventricular ejection fraction, TG Triglyceride, LDL-C Low density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL-C High density lipoprotein cholesterol, TC Total cholesterol, IABP Intra-aortic balloon pump, MI Myocardial infarction, TIMI Thrombolysis in myocardial infarction, IRA Infarct-related artery, PCI Percutaneous coronary intervention