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Table 5 Comparison of MACCE incidence at different time among SYNTAX II low, medium and high-risk group [n(%)]

From: Prognosis evaluation of universal acute coronary syndrome: the interplay between SYNTAX score and ApoB/ApoA1

ItemLow-risk group
Medium-risk group
High-risk group
MACCE events in hospital5(3.3)7(3.8)16(8.6)0.053
MACCE events in 1 year19(12.6)23(12.5)35(18.7)0.162
MACCE events in 3 years35(23.2)52(28.2)61(32.8)0.150
MACCE events in 5 years41(27.2)77(41.8)73(39.2)0.032
Cardiovascular death in hospital2(1.3)6(3.3)7(3.8)0.414
Cardiovascular death in 1 year4(2.6)12(6.5)13(7.0)0.175
Cardiovascular death in 3 years6(4.0)13(7.1)28(15.1)0.001
Cardiovascular death in 5 years8(5.3)18(9.8)41(22.0)< 0.001
New myocardial infarction in 1 year1(0.7)1(0.5)4(2.1)0.389
New myocardial infarction in 3 years5(3.3)3(1.6)6(3.2)0.211
New myocardial infarction in 5 years9(6.0)9(4.9)14(7.5)0.580
Recurrent revascularization in 1 year6(4.0)5(2.7)6(3.2)0.784
Recurrent revascularization in 3 years15(9.9)13(7.1)13(7.0)0.530
Recurrent revascularization in 5 years22(5.3)23(5.4)17(9.1)0.286
New/aggravated heart failure in 1 year2(1.3)2(1.1)6(3.2)0.314
New/aggravated heart failure in 3 years3(2.0)7(3.8)16(8.6)0.015
New/aggravated heart failure in 5 years4(2.6)9(4.9)19(10.2)0.011
New stroke in 1 year2(1.3)1(0.5)2(1.1)0.860
New stroke in 3 years4(2.6)5(2.7)5(2.7)1.000
New stroke in 5 years5(3.3)10(5.4)8(4.3)0.638