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Table 6 Aliskren monotherapy and renal effects in simple hypertension patients and different types of patients

From: Clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of Aliskiren Monotherapy (AM): an umbrella review of systematic reviews

OutcomesNo. of SRsNo. of original studiesNo. of cases/controlsFollow-up range (weeks)Estimate (95%CI)P-value
changes of sCr or eGFR
 aliskiren vs placebo136812/5448NA0.97 [0.81–1.16]0.73
BUN > 40 mg / dL
 aliskiren vs placebo1NA1508/75381.50 [0.06–36.75]0.8
 aliskiren vs ARBs1NA4579/12238–521.16 [0.33–4.06]0.82
 aliskiren vs HCT1NA4579/11138–520.79 [0.26–2.42]0.68
Creatinine level > 2.0 mg /dL
 aliskiren vs placebo1NA1508/75381.50 [0.06–36.75]0.8
 aliskiren vs ARBs1NA4579/12238–520.71 [0.19–2.68]0.62
 aliskiren vs HCT1NA4579/11138–524.13 [0.24–71.59]0.33
eGFR < 30 mL /min /1.73 m2
 aliskiren vs ARBs1NA4579/12238–520.53 [0.13–2.13]0.37
 aliskiren vs HCT1NA4579/11138–523.16 [0.18–56.09]0.43
 aliskiren vs placebo1NA1405/75281.40 [0.51–3.87]0.52
 aliskiren vs ARBs1NANA4–80.93 [0.51–1.70]0.82
 aliskiren vs HCT1NA5450/1113NA0.87 [0.62–1.24]0.43
  1. Notes: Type of metric for comparsions: RR (Risk ratio)
  2. Abbreviations: NA Not Accessible, SA Systematic review