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Table 4 The incidence of paradoxical BP rises

From: Clinical efficacy, safety and tolerability of Aliskiren Monotherapy (AM): an umbrella review of systematic reviews

OutcomeNo. of SRsNo. of original studiesNo. of cases/controlsFollow-up range (weeks)Estimate (95%CI)P-value
Paradoxical blood pressure rise: ΔmsDBP> 5 mmHg
 aliskiren vs placebo142110/90280.27 [0.20–0.37]< 0.00001
 aliskiren vs ARBs142110/7014–90.86 [0.55–1.36]0.53
 aliskiren vs ramipril122110/6179–261.19 [0.69–2.04]0.53
 aliskiren vs HCT112110/547521.20 [0.68–2.13]0.52
ΔmsDBP> 10 mmHg
 aliskiren vs placebo142110/90280.27 [0.15–0.48]< 0.00001
 aliskiren vs ARBs142110/7014–90.57 [0.27–1.20]0.14
 aliskiren vs ramipril122110/6179–260.93 [0.37–2.31]0.87
 aliskiren vs HCT112110/547520.70 [0.30–1.67]0.42
 ΔmsSBP> 10 mmHg  
 aliskiren vs placebo142110/90280.31 [0.24–0.41]< 0.00001
 aliskiren vs ARBs142110/7014–90.97 [0.64–1.48]0.9
 aliskiren vs ramipril122110/6179–260.69 [0.47–1.01]0.05
 aliskiren vs HCT112110/547520.89 [0.57–1.38]0.59
ΔmsSBP> 20 mmHg
 aliskiren vs placebo142110/90280.40 [0.24–0.67]0.0005
 aliskiren vs ARBs142110/7014–91.50 [0.62–3.61]0.37
 aliskiren vs ramipril122110/6179–260.66 [0.34–1.29]0.22
 aliskiren vs HCT112110/547520.87 [0.40–1.92]0.74
  1. Notes: Type of metric for comparsions: RR (Risk ratio)
  2. Abbreviations: SA Systematic review