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Table 3 Typical procedure supplies for in-office insertion

From: BioMonitor 2 in-office setting insertion safety and feasibility evaluation with device functionality assessment: results from the prospective cohort BioInsight study

Surgical attireCap, gown, gloves, mask
Room requirementsExam table, tray, table/tray cover
Skin preparationPatient drape, chlorhexidine topical cleanser with applicator or scrub brush, marker
AnestheticSyringe with needle, anesthetic (specifically, lidocaine-epinephrine or lidocaine alone)
IncisionScalpel, sponge gauze
InsertionInsertion tool set (included with ICM)
Wound closureForceps, suture needle with or without driver and counter, sutures, scissors, topical skin adhesive/strips or wound dressing