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Table 5 Multivariable logistic regression in age- and sex-matched patients

From: Heparin-binding protein measurement improves the prediction of myocardial injury-related cardiogenic shock

VariablesOdds ratio95% CIP value
HBPCS2 > 220 ng/ml7.654.86–12.06< 0.01
Peripheral arterial HBP
 At the end of surgery (T0) > 114 ng/ml1.500.93–2.420.10
 At the 3rd hour after surgery (T3) > 108 ng/ml1.230.79–1.920.35
 At the 24th hour after surgery(T24) > 87 ng/ml1.841.12–3.020.02
 At the 48th hour after surgery(T48) > 76 ng/ml1.541.00–2.370.05*
Previous Medical History
 Diabetes Mellitus0.930.29–3.000.90
 Atrial fibrillation0.890.54–1.490.67
 Preoperative LVEF0.990.97–1.010.39
 Intraoperative AF ablation0.930.56–1.540.77
Type of cardiac surgery
 AVR + MVR1.810.83–3.940.14
 Aortic operation + AVR1.870.71–4.910.20
CPB time0.990.99–1.000.37
  1. HBPCS Blood samples were obtained from coronary sinus, MVR Mitral valve replacement, CPB Cardiopulmonary bypass, AVR Aortic valve replacement
  2. *P = 0.047