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Table 4 AUC for the predictors of MIRCS in age- and sex-matched patients

From: Heparin-binding protein measurement improves the prediction of myocardial injury-related cardiogenic shock

VariablesAUC95%CICut-off valueSensitivitySpecificity
HBPCS2 - HBPCPB20.850.81–0.90300.710.99
(HBPCS2 - HBPCS1) / HBPCS10.750.69–0.813.380.650.81
(HBPCPB2 - HBPCPB1) / HBPCPB10.650.58–0.716.540.390.96
HPB(CS-CPB) ratio0.620.55–0.696.670.280.99
Peripheral arterial HBP at T00.640.59–0.681140.850.44
Peripheral arterial HBP at T30.630.58–0.681080.680.59
Peripheral arterial HBP at T240.710.67–0.75870.840.53
Peripheral arterial HBP at T480.780.75–0.82760.950.58
Peripheral arterial cTnT
 At 5 min after aortic declamping0.700.64–0.770.420.920.41
 At the end of surgery (T0)0.750.69–0.810.780.640.70
 At the 3rd hour after surgery (T3)0.750.68–0.810.770.790.62
 At the 24th hour after surgery (T24)0.880.84–0.930.850.920.70
 At the 48th hour after surgery (T48)0.990.97–1.000.920.990.95
 At the 72nd hour after surgery (T72)0.960.94–0.980.760.990.82
 Cardiac index wean from CPB0.990.99–
 VIS wean from CPB0.930.89–0.97400.990.88
 Lactate wean from CPB0.920.88–0.974.450.990.92
  1. AUC Area Under the Curve, HBPCS Blood samples were obtained from coronary sinus, Time point 1 Before aortic cross-clamping, cTnT Cardiac troponin T, CI Confidence interval, HBPCPB Blood samples were obtained from the arterial line of the CPB, Time point 2 5 min after aortic declamping, VIS Vasoactive-inotropic score, HPB(CS-CPB) ratio = [(HBPCS2 - HBPCPB2)- (HBPCS1 - HBPCPB1)] / (HBPCS1 - HBPCPB1)