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Table 2 Angiographic Characteristics

From: The diagonal branches and outcomes in patients with anterior ST- elevation myocardial infarction

VariablesTotal (n = 392)Flow of the main diagonal branches of LADp Value
loss (TIMI 0–1) (n = 69)no loss (TIMI2–3) (n = 323)
Complicated chronic total occlusion, n(%)39(9.9)7(10.1)32(9.9)0.95
Complicated multi-vessel disease, n(%)209(53.3)33(47.8)176(54.5)0.31
Complicated LM lesion, n(%)24(6.1)11(15.9)13(4)0.001
Visully thrombus, n(%)187(47.7)49(83.1)138(54.3)0.001
Intervention for culprit vessel
 1st generation DES, n(%)202(51.5)31(44.9)171(52.9)0.42
 2nd generation DES, n(%)163(41.6)32(46.4)131(40.6)0.82
 No stent implantation, n(%)27(6.9)6(8.7)21(6.5)0.51
Stent diameter, mm3.1 ± 0.43.3 ± 0.43.1 ± 0.30.001
Stent length, mm27.5 ± 6.324.9 ± 6.328 ± 6.10.001
  1. LAD Left anterior descending artery, LM Left main artery DES Drug-eluting stent