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Table 1 Overview over the EVA-Tyrol questionnaire

From: The Tyrolean early vascular ageing-study (EVA-Tyrol): study protocol for a non-randomized controlled trial

 Overall health and life satisfaction, lifestyle factors, social background21 itemsHealth Behaviour in School Children -Study [22]
 Food habits23 itemsThe Adolescent Food Habits Checklist [23]
 Nutritional knowledge16 itemsTurconi score Section E, G and H [24]
 Participation and perception of health promotion12 items 
 Baecke score for physical activity20 items[25]
 Score for Allergic Rhinitis9 items[26]
 Traffic-Exposure3 itemsTaken from the ARMY [16] and ARFY [17] studies
 Food frequency questionnaire90 itemsTaken from the ARMY [16], ARFY [17] and Bruneck [27] studies
Face-to-face interview
 Dietary interview7 itemsAccording to the AHA health metrics for youth [11, 28]
 Physical activity1 itemModerate- and vigorous-intensity activity (minutes per day), AHA health metrics for youth [11, 28]
 Smoking and alcohol consumption12 itemsAdapted from the Bruneck Study [27, 29]
 Classical cardiovascular risk-factors and previous diseases as well as chronic infections.17 itemsStructured interview for known hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, hypertonia, diseases of the heart, vasculature, thyroid glands, liver, lung, known neoplasias, chronic infections of lung, sinuses, urinary tract, skin or chronic dental infections.
 Family history for CVD3 itemsPremature CVDs (women < 65 years, men < 55 years), hypertension or diabetes in one 1st or two 2nd degree relatives.
 Allergies and atopic predisposition11 itemsStructured interview for history of allergies, clinical symptoms and medical therapy.
 Headache history8 itemsClassification of the international headache society (ICHD-3) [30]
 Medication use9 itemsStructured interview for previous and current medication use
  1. Table 1 shows an overview of the three parts (self-administered, assisted and face-to-face) of the EVA-Tyrol questionnaire. Left column – topic, middle column – number of questions, right column – source/description of questionnaire