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Table 1 Summary statistics of relevant variables in the study population (NHANES, 2011–2016 data)

From: Selenium, copper, zinc and hypertension: an analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2011–2016)

VariableMeanStandard deviationMinimumMaximumMedian
Age (Years)39.321.9688038
BMI (kg/m2)277.8612.477.526.4
Waist circumference (cm)89.925.925.89177.991.7
SBP (mmHg)119.318.0564.67231.3116
DBP (mmHg)66.214.429116.767.3
Total cholesterol intake (mg/day)28222512007214
Total sodium intake (mg/day)33921771717,0703063
Total serum cholesterol (mg/dL)181.841.175463178
Serum Copper (μg/dL)118.229.8224.7306.6113.6
Serum Selenium (μg/L)127.517.7658.1299.1126.1
Serum Zinc (μg/dL)81.7615.1631.4232.580.7