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Table 5 Diagnostic value of SAA and its combinations with CRP and D-Dimer for AAD patients

From: Serum amyloid a protein as a potential biomarker in predicting acute onset and association with in-hospital death in acute aortic dissection

 AUC95%CIP-valuecut-offSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
AAD0.9420.902–0.981< 0.0010.4270.9080.937
TAAD0.9390.873–1.004< 0.0010.4270.9190.937
TBAD0.9370.883–0.990< 0.0010.4620.8810.937
 SAA + CRP0.9770.955–0.999< 0.0010.9440.938
 SAA + D-Dimer0.9000.838–0.963< 0.0010.8480.938
 SAA (death v.s. survival)0.7320.612–0.8530.0014.9980.7390.625
 CRP (death v.s. survival)0.8260.709–0.942< 0.00182.550.7890.771
 D-Dimer (death v.s. survival)0.7150.562–0.8690.0061.9450.7000.739
 NE% (death v.s. survival)0.6780.549–0.8080.01772.9760.8570.491
  1. Note, AAD acute aortic dissection, TAAD type A aortic dissection, TBAD type B aortic dissection, SAA serum amyloid A, CRP C reactive protein, AUC area under the curve, NE% neutrophil to white blood cell ratio