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Table 1 Study flow chart of examinations

From: Peripheral arterial disease and systematic detection of circulating tumor cells: rationale and design of the DETECTOR prospective cohort study

Actions V0: baseline visit within 1 m after V0 V0 + 5w V1(V0 + 1y) V1 + 5w V2(V0 + 2y) V2 + 5w
Informed consent       
Verification of inclusion and exclusion criteria       
Psychologist presence(1)       
Personal and family medical history(2)       
Ongoing treatments       
Level of tobacco use       
Screening round:
- Blood sampling for CTC detection
Results of the screening round       
Psychological counselling(3)      
Clinical events since last visit(2)        
Adverse events  
  1. 1: as an observer; 2: focused on cancer and vascular diseases; 3: only for patients who are volunteer to participate at the psychological study