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Table 7 Treatment outcome and drug use assessment of acute heart failure patients admitted to Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, Ethiopia between May 15 to September 12, 2017 (n = 169)

From: Treatment outcome and its predictors among patients of acute heart failure at a tertiary care hospital in Ethiopia: a prospective observational study

Treatment outcome and drug use assessmentFrequency (%)
Clinically improved140 (82.8)
In-hospital mortality29 (17.2)
Adverse drug events47 (27.8)
Electrolyte imbalance39 (23.1)
Digoxin and warfarin toxicity8 (4.7)
Inappropriate drug dose5 (3.0)
Othersa4 (2.4)
  1. NB: aInappropriate drug administered, inappropriate drug combination, prescribed drug not available