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Table 6 Summary of pharmacist-led patient-specific adherence education

From: Treatment adherence and blood pressure outcome among hypertensive out-patients in two tertiary hospitals in Sokoto, Northwestern Nigeria

Adherence Education Component Frequency Percent
Specific medication adherence improvement strategy (n = 2004)
 Provision of clear writing instruction for prescribed regimen 605 30.2
 Use of buddy/companion reminder 605 30.2
 Advice on measure to take when miss medication dose 461 23.0
 Proactive approach to side effect management 245 12.2
 Encourage purchase of generic alternative(s)/cheaper brand 88 4.4
Lifestyle adjustment counseling (n = 1779)
 Encourage proactive engagement in tolerable level of exercise 605 34.0
 Encourage increased intake of fruits, vegetables and low dairy products 533 30.0
 Encourage proactive engagement in dietary salt intake reduction 446 25.1
 Guidance and counselling on alcohol intake cessation 122 6.9
 Provision of guidance and counseling on cigarette smoking cessation 73 4.1
Educational intervention on self-management measure(s) (n = 1169)
 Reinforcement of the benefits of blood pressure record keeping as self-care measure 605 51.8
 Reinforcement of the inherent importance of routine blood pressure monitoring 564 48.2
  1. Multiple responses were observed in many instances