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Table 1 Completed SPIRIT diagram for SmartCare-CAD

From: Effects of cardiac telerehabilitation in patients with coronary artery disease using a personalised patient-centred web application: protocol for the SmartCare-CAD randomised controlled trial

  1. * t1 = three months, t2 = six months, t3 = nine months, t4 = twelve months
  2. ** Three months
  3. ** Three months + nine months of on-demand coaching
  4. **** Part of routine care and therefore assessed before informed consent
  5. KVL-H Kwaliteit van Leven bij Hartpatiënten, GAD-7 Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire, PAM Patient Activation Measure, SBSQ-D Set of Brief Screening Questions – Dutch, CQI Consumer Quality Index