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Table 1 Assessments

From: Balloon expandable transcatheter aortic valve implantation via the transfemoral route with or without pre-dilation of the aortic valve – rationale and design of a multicentre registry (EASE-IT TF)

Parameter Admission Intervention Discharge 30d FU 6 Mo FU
Inclusion/Exclusion criteria X     
Demographics X     
Diagnosis of valve disease X     
Echocardiography X     
Computed Tomography X     
Symptoms X    X X
Cardiac baseline characteristics X     
ECG X   X   
Comorbidities X     
Risk scores X     
Prior cardiovascular intervention X     
Current medications X   X X X
Interventional details   X    
Interventional results   X    
AE   X X X X
Hospitalization duration    X   
Creatinine value X   X   X
Early safety/Clinical efficacy     X X