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Table 5 Percentages of blood pressure responders at 120 days (PP analysis; N = 146)

From: Leg edema with (S)-amlodipine vs conventional amlodipine given in triple therapy for hypertension: a randomized double blind controlled clinical trial

Drug Responders p
Test group %, (n/N) 98.57, (69/70) ns
Reference group %, (N) 98.68, (75/76)
  1. N total number of patients, n number of responders, Fisher’s Exact test was applied; p <0.05 = statistically significant, ns not significant, PP per protocol
  2. Responders: Subjects showing reduction in systolic blood pressure by ≥20 mmHg and / or diastolic blood pressure by ≥10 mm or those achieving systolic blood pressure ≤140 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure ≤90 mm of Hg