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Table 3 Contemporary basic CTO PCI toolbox

From: Theory and practical based approach to chronic total occlusions

Sheaths 45 cm long sheaths
Guiding catheters 7 and 8 Fr 90 cm long Guiding Catheters
Microcatheters Corsair, Finecross, Venture, Tornus, Crusade, Multicross, Prodigy, Twinpass
Dissection and reentry Crossboss coronary catheter, Stingray balloon
Guiding Catheter extensions Guideliner, Guidezilla
Snares Ensnare, Atrieve, Amplatz Gooseneck
Balloon uncrossable occlusions Tornus, Laser, Rotational Atherectomy
Intravascular imaging Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) (Eagle Eyes, Volcano, USA), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Complication managements Jostent Graftmaster, Graftmaster Rx and Coil embolization
Radiation safety Radpad
Stents Drug Eluting Stents
  1. Corsair (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Finecross (Terumo, Japan), Venture (Vascular Solutions), Tornus (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Multictoss (Roxwood Medical, USA), Prodigy (Radius Medical, USA), Crusade (kaneka, Japan), Twinpass (Vascular Solutions, USA), CrossBoss coronary catheter (Boston Scientific, USA), Sting-Ray (Boston Scientific, USA), Guideliner (Vascular Solutions, USA), Guidezilla (Boston Scientific, USA), Ensnare (Merit Medical, USA), Atrieve (Angiotech, USA), Amplatz Gooseneck, (Covidien, USA), IVUS (Εagle Eye, Volcano, USA), Jostent Graftmaster, Graftmaster Rx (Abbott Vascular, USA), RadPad (Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, USA)