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Table 2 The CTO wire toolbox

From: Theory and practical based approach to chronic total occlusions

Tapered, soft (~1) plastic jacketed GW (XT/XT-A/XTR)

 ➢ Antegrade/Retrograde microchannel/soft plaque probing

 ➢ Facilitation of quick wiring Dissection Re-entry in abmbigous vessel anatomy/soft plaque (Knuckle wire technique)

 ➢ Very small and tortuous collateral chanel crossing epicardial and septal(retrograde access)

Non-tapered, soft plastic jacketed GW (Fielder FC/Pilot 50/Whisper)

 ➢ Multi-tasting (Mainly work in the body of the occlusion-getting less fashionable)

Non tapered, medium gram force plastic jacketed wire (Pilot 150/200)

 ➢ Body of the occlusion

 ➢ Facilitation quick wiring in complex lesions and/or dissection-reentry in ambiguous vessel anatomy

Non-tampered, soft, composite core, hydrophilic coated CW (SION)

 ➢ Multitasking

 ➢ Access to difficult take-off collaterals

 ➢ Crossing of non challenging collaterals channels

 ➢ Subintinal spaces connection and GC engagement in retrograde techniques (CART/XCART)

Non-tapered, medium gram force (<6g), non coated, sliding wires (Miracle 3/4.5/6)

 ➢ Used to be workhorse wires for lesion crossing-tend to be abandoned

None-tapered, medium gram force (<6g), hydrophilic coated, sliding wires (Miracle Ultimate)

 ➢ For lesion crossing (body of the occlusion) in hard but not severely calcified plaques and non tortuous anatomy

Tapered, medium gram (<6g), composite core, hydrophilic coated GW (GAIA family)

 ➢ Are becoming the workhorse wires for lesion crossing (body of the occlusion) in the hard but not severely calcified plaques even in tortuous anatomy

 ➢ Subintima space connection in Retrograde techniques

Tapered and not tapered w-w/o hydrophilic coating, high gram (>9) GW penetration wires (Confianza fm, PROGRESS 200T)

 ➢ Crossing of severely calcified spots, exchanged to other categories afterwards

  1. Fielder FC (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Fielder XT (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Fielder XTA (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Fielder XTR (Asahi Intecc, Japan), SION (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Gaia 1st/2nd/3rd (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Miracle 3/4.5/6 (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Miracle Ultimate (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Pilot 50/150/200 (Abbot Vascular, USA), Confianza family (Asahi Intecc, Japan), Whisper (Abbot Vascular, USA), Progress 200 T (Abbot Vascular, USA)