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Table 1 Milestones in the CTO guidewire technology

From: Theory and practical based approach to chronic total occlusions

Year Milestone Product
1995 Polymeric coating SCIMED Choice PT
1996 Hydrophilic coating TERUMO Crosswire
1997 Incremental tip load (drilling concept) ASAHI Miracle family (3.5 up to 12 gr)
1998 Tapered Tip Design GUIDANT HT CROSS-IT XT
1998 Combination of tapering with hydrophilic coating in high tip stiffness (>9 gr) (penetration concept) ASAHI Confianza/Pro
2008 Combination of tapering with polymer and hydrophilic coating in low tip stiffness (<1 gr) (sliding concept) ASAHI Fielder XT
2010/2011 Composite core tip in low tip stiffness ASAHI SION/Fielder XTA/XTR
2013 Combination of composite core tapering polymeric and hydrophilic coating in intermediate stiffness (>1.5gr, <5 gr) (Deflection and rotation concept) ASAHI GAIA family