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Table 4 Summary of heritability estimates of left ventricular mass trait

From: Heritability and major gene effects on left ventricular mass in the Chinese population: a family study

Author, year Study design Study population origins Numbers of families/subjects Adjusted covariate Heritability estimate (h2) Comments
Post et al. 1997 15 Relative pairs Caucasians, Framingham families, no systemic diseases 2624 subjects Age, height, weight, systolic blood pressure 0.24–0.32 Limit in subjects without systemic diseases nor medication history
Garner et al. 2000 13 Nuclear families White, European families 149/624 weight 0.28 Children population
Kotchen et al. 2000 19 Sibling African American, hypertensive, hyperlipidemia 68 sibpairs Age, gender 0.65–0.72 FCOR and ASSOC in SAGE program to perform the analysis
Arnett et al. 2001 16 Sibling African Americans & white hypertensive 1664 siblings Age, gender, systolic blood pressure, obesity Sibling correlations 0.29–0.44 in African American, 0.04–0.12 in white High sibling correlation in African Americans
Palatini et al. 2001 23 Nuclear families Tecumseh Offspring Study 251 offspring and 290 parents Age, gender, body height systolic blood pressure, insulin, urinary sodium excretion, No estimate of h2, parental LV mass explained 7.6% of total variance of offspring LV mass Multiple linear regression models Young offspring (mean 17 years old)
Mayosi et al. 2002 17 Extended families British Caucasians, hypertensive probands from hospital or clinics 229/955 Age, systolic blood pressure, weight, height, WHR, diabetes 0.23–0.29 Ascertainment correction: yes
Swan et al. 2003 18 Twins Caucasians, Population-based 55 pairs MZ vs. 55 pairs DZ Age, gender, blood pressure, weight 0.53–0.69  
Bella et al. 2004 12 Relative pairs, mostly sibpairs American Indian families, different geographic location 455/1373, 1305 relative pairs, 1077 sibpairs Age, gender, centers, weight, height, systolic blood pressure, heart rate, medication, diabetes 0.17(multiple adjusted) -0.27 (first three variates adjusted) No significant heritability in Arizona Indians
Juo et al. 2005 20 Extended families Caribbean Hispanics 84/623 Age, gender, weight 0.51 Adding systolic blood pressure, diabetes, medication did not affect the estimate
This report Nuclear families Ethnic Chinese, young probands, community-based 368/1145 Age, gender, body mass index, blood pressure 0.15 (multiple adjusted) -0.27 (first 3 variates adjusted)