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Table 1 Examples of artificial neural networks analyses in the cardiovascular field.

From: How artificial intelligence tools can be used to assess individual patient risk in cardiovascular disease: problems with the current methods

  Year No. Pts Disease Variables Results
Selker 1995 3453 Ischemia Clinical indicators ANN superior vs LogR
Ellenius et al 1997 88 MI Biochemical variables ANNs give added value
Baxt et al 2002 2204 MI History, clinical, biochemical EGC High sensitivity (95%) and specificity (96%)
Baldassarre et al 2004 949 CV event biochemical, carotid US clinical indicators ANN superior vs LDA
Voss et al 2002 5159 CV event Clinical, biochemical indicators ANN superior vs LogR
Bigi et al 2005 496 Outcome after MI Clinical, exercise ECG and stress echo ANN superior vs LDA
  1. MI: Miocardial infarction; CV: cardiovascular; ANN Artificial neural networks; LogR: logistic regression; LDA: linear discriminant analysis