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Table 2 List of genes analysed by qRT-PCR and the corresponding pre-designed gene-specific primer pair assay (ABI Assay-on-Demand™, Applied Biosystems). Where possible RNA specific assays were selected which are depicted by _m1 suffix. For CHOP _g1 suffix signifies that the assay may detect DNA and for ID1 the _s1 suffix indicates both the primers and probe are in a single exon.

From: ALK1 signalling analysis identifies angiogenesis related genes and reveals disparity between TGF-β and constitutively active receptor induced gene expression

GENE ABI Assays-on-Demand™
ALK1/ACVRL1 Hs00163543_m1
ALK5/TGFBR1 Hs0061319_m1
BMP6 Hs00233470_m1
CARP Hs00173317_m1
CD148/HPTPη Hs00174561_m1
CHOP/DDIT3/GADD153 Hs00358796_g1
C-MYC Hs00153408_m1
Collagen VαI/COL5A1 Hs00609088_m1
Endoglin/ENG Hs00164438_m1
Endothelin/END1 Hs00174961_m1
HEFI/NEDD9 Hs00610590_m1
ID1 Hs00704053_s1
IL-8 Hs00174103_m1
SMAD6/MADH6 Hs00178579_m1
TGFβR2 Hs00559661_m1
TLR4 Hs00152939_m1
GAPDH Hs99999905_m1