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Table 2 Automatic algorithm calculation of QT intervals for unfiltered, non-amplified, non-noisy Resultant Vector ECGs 0.1 millivolt downward shifted. T1, T2, T3, S1, S2 and Novel are the algorithms as described in the text. Res1, Res2, Res3 and Res4 are the resultant vector ECG described in the text unfiltered, non-amplified and without added noise with a 0.1 millivolt downward shift of the baseline. The numerical values are in milliseconds.

From: Accuracy of popular automatic QT Interval algorithms assessed by a 'Gold Standard' and comparison with a Novel method: computer simulation study

  Res1 Res2 Res3 Res4
T1 420 376 342 334
T2 415 365 339 332
T3 496 462 371 386
S1 420 366 343 335
S2 422 368 344 334
Novel 495 461 461 495