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Archived Comments for: Quality of care for hypertension in the United States

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  1. An overlooked QC parameter of hypertension: tissue oxygenation, at basal line and under stress.

    Sergio Stagnaro, Private. Researcher in Biophysical semeiotics.

    23 January 2005

    A 47-year-long clinical experience with the aid of Biophysical Semeiotics (1, 2) (See HONCode web site 233736, allows me to state that an hypertensive patient shows high QC exclusively in case that his or her tissue oxigenation is in normal values (1-4)and consequently there is not increased free radical level in the diverse biological systems (5-6). In treating hypertension our goal is to provide the normal Microcirculatory Functional Reserve in heart,kidney, retina,and peripheral macrovascular vessel walls.

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