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Table 1 Detail of LACE score salculation

From: Using the LACE index to predict hospital readmissions in congestive heart failure patients

LACE score calculation table
L-Score Length of stay (days) Score
  1 1
2 2
3 3
4-6 4
7-13 5
14 or more 7
A-Score Acuity of Admission Score
Yes 3
No 0
C-Score Comorbidities Score
If the total score is between 0 and 3, C-score equals to the total score, if the total score is 4 or higher, C-score is 5 Previous myocardial infarction +1
Cerebrovascular disease +1
Peripheral vascular disease +1
Diabetes without complications +1
Congestive heart failure +2
Diabetes with end organ damage +2
Chronic pulmonary disease +2
Mild liver or renal disease +2
Any tumor (including lymphoma or leukemia) +2
Dementia +3
Connective tissue disease +3
Moderate or severe liver or renal disease +4
Metastatic solid tumor +6
E-score Emergency department visits Score
  How many times has the patient visited an emergency department in the six months prior to admission (not including the emergency department visit immediately preceding the current admission)? Score equal to the same number of ED visits if the number of ED visits less than 4. If the number of ED visits more than 4 (including 4), E-score is 4.
Total LACE score = L-score + A-score + C-score + E-score 0–4 Low, 5–9 Moderate, > 9 High Risk
  1. Modified and Adapted from LACE _ tool NEW.doc.