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Table 4 Lower limits of peak exercise blood pressure, circulatory power and exercise cardiac power

From: Determinants of exercise peak arterial blood pressure, circulatory power, and exercise cardiac power in a population based sample of Finnish male and female aged 30 to 47 years: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study

Parameter Female (n = 281) Male (n = 257)
  Mean −2 SD level Mean −2 SD level
SBP (mmHg) 143 168
DBP (mmHg) 65 67
MAP (mmHg) 95 104
CPSBP (mL/min/kg×mmHg) 2330 3930
CPMAP (mL/min/kg×mmHg) 1550 2660
ECPWasserman (%mmHg) 8960 10700
ECPKoch (%mmHg) 9000 11600
ECPJones (%mmHg) 7820 10900
VO2/SBP (mL/mmHg) 4.57 7.52
  1. SD: standard deviation; SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; MAP: mean arterial pressure; CP: circulatory power; ECP: exercise cardiac power; VO2: oxygen consumption.
  2. CP is given as a product of VO2 and systolic blood pressure (CPSBP) as well as a product of VO2 and mean arterial pressure (CPMAP). ECP is presented using the alternative VO2 reference value equations provided by Wasserman et al. [26], Koch et al. [25], and Jones et al. [24] and indexed correspondingly in the table as ECPWasserman, ECPKoch, and ECPJones.