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Table 3 Association of weight monitoring adherence with HF hospitalizations, sensitivity analyses

From: Self-reported recall and daily diary-recorded measures of weight monitoring adherence: associations with heart failure-related hospitalization

Models Incidence rate ratios 95% confidence intervals
Diary-recorded adherence: varying adherence thresholds   
  ≥ 90%a 0.24 (0.11-0.54)
  ≥ 80% (main analysis)a 0.37 (0.18-0.75)
  ≥ 70%a 0.41 (0.25-0.67)
  ≥ 60%a 0.42 (0.25-0.70)
  1. aModel adjusted for age, gender, race, site, subjective SES, HF quality of life, previous MI/Angina, systolic dysfunction, and self-reported weight monitoring adherence (daily or more) at baseline.