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Figure 6

From: Loss of ectonucleotidases from the coronary vascular bed after ischemia-reperfusion in isolated rat heart

Figure 6

Detection of immunoreactive CD39 and CD73 in the effluent of ischemia reperfusion. The effluent samples (300 μl) from pre-ischemia (3) and ischemia-reperfusion hearts (4) were applied to nitrocellulose membrane, and subjected to dot blot analysis with anti-CD39 antibody (A) and anti-CD73 antibody (B). As the negative and positive control, membrane extract (30 μg protein in 300 μl) from HEK293 cells transfected with control pcDNA3vector (1 in A and B) or CD39- (2 in A) and CD73-expressing plasmid (2 in B) were used. Results shown are representative of three separate sets of experiments.

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