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Table 1 Lesions in vein graft and artery proximal and distal to the graft

From: Oversized vein grafts develop advanced atherosclerosis in hypercholesterolemic minipigs

Segment Artery proximal to grafta Vein grafta Artery distal to graft
Lesion type b    
Normal intima or adaptive intimal thickeningc 1 (12.5%) 5 (62.5%) 8 (89%)
Intimal xanthoma (fatty streak)d 7 (87.5%) 0 1 (11%)
Plaque without necrotic coree 0 1 (12.5%) 0
Plaque with necrotic coref 0 2 (25%) 0
Lesion thickness    
Intimal (vein graft wall) thickness in μmg 82 (47)h 712 (276) 26 (32)h
  1. Lesion types are given as count (frequency) and lesion thickness as mean (standard deviation)
  2. a n = 8: thrombosed segments were not classified
  3. b The distribution of lesion types differ between the three segments (P < .01) and also between the two arterial segments (P < .01)
  4. c Lesion consisting of normal connective tissue containing smooth muscle cells. No lipid accumulation or macrophages
  5. d Lesion consisting of normal intima except foam cell accumulation near lumen
  6. e Lesion with extracellular accumulation of lipid and connective tissue with fibrosis with or without calcification. No lipid-rich necrotic core
  7. f Lesion containing a lipid-rich necrotic core
  8. g In the vein grafts, the intima-media border is ill-defined and intima and media were considered together in the vein grafts
  9. h Intimal thickness was significantly different between the arterial segments (P < .05)