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Table 6 Associations between high baPWV* and potential risk factors based on the multiple logistic regression analyses†

From: Prevalence of arterial stiffness in North China, and associations with risk factors of cardiovascular disease: a community-based study

Variables‡ Male Female
OR (95% CI) p value OR (95% CI) p value
SBP, per 1 mmHg 1.055 (1.045, 1.065) < 0.001 1.048 (1.040, 1.056) < 0.001
HR, per 1 beats/min 1.029 (1.015, 1.044) < 0.001 1.044 (1.032, 1.056) < 0.001
TC, per 1 mmol/L a 1.220 (1.076, 1.384) 0.002
Fasting glucose, per 1 mmol/L 1.203 (1.086, 1.331) < 0.001
Hypertension (yes/no)
Diabetes (yes/no) 1.835 (1.299, 2.593) 0.001
Smoking (yes/no) 1.271 (0.944, 1.710) 0.032
  1. * High baPWV was defined based on age-specific cut-off points.
  2. † The backward stepwise method was used.
  3. Only those that entered the final step of backward stepwise logistic regression were shown in the table. Originally, variables entering the multiple logistic regression model included age, SBP, DBP, HR, fasting glucose, diabetes, hypertension, CCBs usage, ACEIs/ARBs usage, and smoking in men; while in women, the included variables were age, SBP, BMI, HR, TC, HDL-C, TG, fasting glucose, diabetes, hypertension, CCBs usage, ACEIs/ARBs usage.
  4. a The symbol “─“ represents covariates that did not significantly contribute to the model or were not included.
  5. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, BMI body mass index, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, CCBs Calcium channel blockers, ACEIs angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, ARBs angiotensin receptor blockers, HR heart rate, TC total cholesterol, HDL-C high density lipoprotein cholesterol, TG triglyceride.