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Table 3 Experienced barriers to improve the collaboration

From: Needs and barriers to improve the collaboration in oral anticoagulant therapy: a qualitative study

Barriers #
Knowledge 9
   Lack of awareness 7
   Lack of knowledge 2
Attitude 47
   Inertia of perious practice/lack of motivation 23
   Lack on outcome expectancy  
Lack of recognition/AC status 11
Professional autonomy affected 6
   Lack of agreement to collaborate  
Conflict of interests 5
Responsibilities unclear 1
Fear of losing work 1
Behaviour 85
   Lack of time/time pressure  
Lack of time 14
Time pressure 9
   Lack of resources/materials  
Lack of money 6
Lack of manpower 4
Lack of IT applications 3
Forms hard to fill out 1
   Organisational constraints  
Organisational policy 10
Lack of authority of ACs over non-AC professionals 5
Professionals are not united 7
Turnover of staff in collaborating organizations 12
Many involved professionals 6
Size of organizations 3
   Contextual factors  
Competition between health care organizations 3
Legislation 2
  1. #, number of times reported by AC professionals.