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Table 3 Readmission to hospital and mortality rates for Asians compared to other Canadians

From: Home care utilization and outcomes among Asian and other Canadian patients with heart failure

  Rate (%) OR(95% CI, Asian vs. other Canadian)
  Asian Other Canadian Crude Adjusted
   With home care service 49.7 50.3 0.97(0.88-1.20) 0.98(0.87-1.20)
   Without home care service 26.7 29.2 0.93(0.93-1.38) 0.94(0.83-1.26)
   With home care service 6.7 7.1 0.92(0.75-1.58) 0.96(0.81-1.13)
   Without home care service 5.8 6.3 0.91(0.80-0.98) 0.76(0.60-0.86)
  1. # adjusted for age, sex, household income and Charlson Index Score