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Table 2 Patient-self-reported pain and EHR documentation of pain

From: Non-specific pain and 30-day readmission in acute coronary syndromes: findings from the TRACE-CORE prospective cohort


Patient self-reported pain

P value

No pain

Mild-to-moderate pain

Severe pain

N = 285

N = 448

N = 54

EHR documentation of pain, N (%)


 < 0.001*


251 (88.1)

347 (77.5)

39 (72.2)



34 (11.9)

101 (22.5)

15 (27.8)

  1. Patient-self-reported pain status was collected for the first month after discharge from index hospitalization (using SF-36 survey distributed at one month post-discharge). Electronic health record (EHR) documentation of pain was extracted by natural language processing from patient’s clinical notes created within 30 days post discharge and before readmission to the hospital (if any)
  2. *Indicates statistically significant (P < 0.05). We used Cuzick's Test for Trend to assess the trend of EHR-documentation of pain across the severity levels of patient self-reported pain