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Table 1 Summary of the literature about patients diagnosed with DOMV and BAV

From: Rare double orifice mitral valve malformation associated with bicuspid aortic valve in Turner syndrome: diagnosed by a series of novel three-dimensional echocardiography and literature review

No. Study Age (years) Gender Clinical manifestation DOMV type Function of MV and AV MV chordae tendineae MV papillary muscles Associated heart diseases (except for BAV) Diagnose methods Surgery Genetic
1 Baño-Rodrigo et al. [26] CB Fused Mitral valve cleft, common atrium, CoA, PDA, hypoplastic left heart syndrome 2D-TTE, postmortem
2 As above As above
3 Gerber et al. [27] 63 M Heart failure CB, Sym Severe MR Dilated cardiomyopathy 2D-TTE Y
4 Karas et al. [28] 23 F Asymptomatic CB, Sym Mild AS At least 4 N 2D-TTE, 2D-TEE N
5 Proença et al. [29] 32 M Hypertension CB, Sym Major AR CoA, aneurysm of Valsalva sinus 2D-TTE, 2D-TEE, CMR Y
6 Das et al. [1] 0.08 M CB, Sym Moderate MS, mild MR Accessory septal attachment Fused CoA, subaortic stenosis, dysplastic TV 2D-TTE
7 As above 1 F CB, Asy Mild MS, AS Accessory septal attachment 2 displaced CoA As above
8 As above 7 F CB, Sym Normal U Normal CoA As above
9 As above 9 M CB, Asy Mild MS, AS U Fused VSD As above
10 As above 12 F CB, Sym Mild MR, AR Attachment to anterior wall Normal N As above
11 As above 12 M CB, Asy Normal Chordal ring, parachute chordal attachments 2 unequal CoA, VSD As above
12 Erkol et al. [30] 32 M Hypertension, shortness of breath CB, Sym Moderate AS, mild AR Parachute chordal attachments Multiple N 2D-TTE, 2D-TEE, CMR
13 Aggarwal et al. [31] 35 F Exertional chest tightness CB, Asy Sever AS, mild AR, trivial MR U Normal CoA 2D-TTE, 2D-TEE, 3D-TEE
14 Lee et al. [32] 41 M Palpitation CB, Sym Moderate MS One chorda attachment to bridging structure N 2D-TTE, 3D-TEE
15 Kharwar et al. [33] 15 M Dyspnea on exertion, CB, Asy Mild MS, moderate MR U Normal N 2D-TTE, 3D-TTE Y
16 Kocabaş et al. [14] 16 M CB, Sym Mild MR CoA 2D-TTE, 3D-TTE N
17 Mouine et al. [34] 15 M Hypertension CB, Asy Normal CoA, VSD 2D-TTE Y
18 Saylik et al. [35] 21 M Exercise-induced chest pain, palpitations CB, Asy Severe MS N 2D-TTE, 2D-TEE Y
19 Khani and Rohani [36] 54 F Dyspnea on exertion CB, Asy Moderate AS N 2D-TEE, 3D-TEE N
20 Yang et al. [37] 57 M Hypertension CB, Sym Mild AS, trivial MR CoA, aortic aneurysm 2D-TTE, 3D-TEE, CMR Y
21 Benjamin et al. [3] 67 M Short of breath CB, Asy MR, severe AS Normal Pulmonary vein stenosis 2D-TTE, 3D-TEE, CTA Y
22 Bayat et al. [6] 25 M Hypertension, undetectable distal pulses CB, Sym Trivial MR CoA, aberrant left subclavian artery 2D-TTE, 3D-TTE, TEE, CTA Y
23 Fernandez Gasso et al. [24] 20 M Asymptomatic CB, Asy Mild to moderate MR Non-elongation Normal Myxomatous multivalvular disease, TV prolapse, PV dysplasia 2D-TTE N
24 This case 5 F Short stature, mild backache CB, Asy Mild MS U 4 N 2D-TTE, Novel 3D-TTE N TS
  1. – not mentioned, Asy asymmetric, CB Complete bridge type, CoA coarctation of the aorta, CMR cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, CTA cardiac computed tomographic angiography, MR mitral regurgitation, MS mitral stenosis, MV mitral valve, N no, PV pulmonary valve, Sym symmetric, TS turner syndrome, TTE transthoracic echocardiogram, TV tricuspid valve, U chordae attach to each orifice respectively, VSD ventricular septal defect, Y yes