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Table 2 Political commitment and national NCD related progress monitoring indicators and their status selected Eastern Sub-Saharan Countries

From: Reasons for poor blood pressure control in Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa: looking into 4P’s (primary care, professional, patient, and public health policy) for improving blood pressure control: a scoping review

S. no. Country Ethiopia Kenya Malawi Mozambique Rwanda Seychelles Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe
1 National NCD targets DK
2 Mortality data
3 Risk factor survey
4 National NCD policy Strategy action plan
5 Tobacco demand reduction measures
5.1 Increased excise taxes and prices NR
5.2 Smoke-free policies
5.3 large graphic health warnings/plain packaging
5.4 Bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship
5.5 Mass media campaigns NR NR NR
5.6 Tobacco control (MPOWER score) 18 23 12 18 10 16 19 15 14
6 Harmful use of alcohol reduction measures:
6.1 restrictions on physical availability
6.2 advertising bans or comprehensive restrictions
6.3 increased excise taxes
6.4 SAFER strategy implementation
7 Unhealthy diet reduction measures
7.1 Salt/sodium policies NR
7.2 Saturated fatty acids and trans-fats policies
7.3 Marketing to children restrictions DK
7.4 Marketing of breast-milk substitutes restrictions
7.5 RPLACE strategy implementation
8 Public education and awareness campaign on physical activity DK
9 Guidelines for management of cancer, CVD, diabetes and CRD
10 Drug therapy/counselling to prevent heart attacks and strokes (%) 11.5 6 12 38 14 13
11 Annual screening campaign for CVD risk factors
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  1. , partially achieved; , fully achieved; , not achieved; DK, don’t know; NR, No Response
  2. MPOWER: Monitoring tobacco use and prevention policies, Protecting people from tobacco smoke, Offering help to quit tobacco use, Warning people about the dangers of tobacco, Enforcing bans on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, and Raising taxes on tobacco
  3. SAFER: Strengthen restrictions on alcohol availability, Advance and enforce drink driving counter measures, Facilitate access to screening, brief interventions and treatment, Enforce bans or comprehensive restrictions on alcohol advertising, sponsorship and promotion, and Raise prices on alcohol through excise taxes, and pricing policies
  4. REPLACE: Review dietary sources of industrially-produced trans-fat and the landscape for required policy change. Promote the replacement of industrially-produced trans-fat with healthier fats and oils. Legislate or enact regulatory actions to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fat. Assess and monitor trans-fat content in the food supply and changes in trans-fat consumption in the population. Create awareness of the negative health impact of trans-fat among policy-makers, producers, suppliers, and the public. Enforce compliance with policies and regulations