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Table 2 Survey questions about baseline Chagas disease knowledge

From: Current knowledge of Chagas-related heart disease among pediatric cardiologists in the United States

Survey question Correct answer % Respondents answered correctly
What is the most common echo finding in Chagas cardiomyopathy? Apical aneurysm 52% (95% CI 42–60.8)
What is the most common EKG finding in Chagas cardiomyopathy? Right bundle branch block 25% (95% CI 17.5–33.8)
Which test should be sent as the initial screen for Chagas? T. cruzi ELISA assay 26% (95% CI 18.5–35.1)
What is the most common cause or death from Chagas disease? Tachyarrhythmia 22% (95% CI 14.9–30.5)