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Table 2 Association between the level of leisure-time physical activity and small artery elasticity index at visit one

From: Longitudinal association between leisure-time physical activity and vascular elasticity indices

N = 935
Mean difference Confidence interval (CI) p value
Crude data
 1.03 ml/mmHg 0.58–1.48 < 0.001
Adjusted for age, sex, heart rate and systolic blood pressure
 0.40 ml/mmHg 0.05–0.75 0.024
Adjusted as above and for diabetes mellitus, HOMA-IR, LDL cholesterol and cardiovascular comorbidity
 0.47 ml/mmHg 0.12–0.83 0.009
Adjusted as above + alcohol consumption and smoking
 0.42 ml/mmHg 0.07–0.78 0.020
  1. All patients are included who filled in scales about physical activity with baseline and have data for pulse wave analysis with baseline. Patients with known hypertension are excluded
  2. HOMA-IR Homeostatic Model Assessment for Insulin Resistance