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Table 5 MCID of CHF-PRO

From: Assessment of chronic disease self-management in patients with chronic heart failure based on the MCID of patient-reported outcomes by the multilevel model

Field Dimension MCID
Dimension Domain Total of scale
Physical domain Somatic symptoms… 2.46 4.79 9.75
Appetite symptoms… 1.43
independence 2.35
Psychological domain Anxiety 2.63 4.87
Depression 1.56
Fear 0.71
Paranoia 0.69
Social domain Social support 1.63 2.14
Support utilization 1.26
Therapeutic domain Compliance 0.61 2.40
Satisfaction 2.00
Side effects of drugs 0.37
  1. CHF-PRO chronic heart failure—patient reported outcome, MCID minimal clinically important difference