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Table 1 Summary of adaptation of the FH KAP questionnaire

From: Validity and reliability of an adapted questionnaire measuring knowledge, awareness and practice regarding familial hypercholesterolaemia among primary care physicians in Malaysia

Item No Original 19-Item FH KAP Questionnaire Adapted 25-Item FH KAP Questionnaire
Knowledge domain
3 Description of FH Question rephrased
4 Lipid profile in FH Answer rephrased
6 Prevalence of FH in Australia Modified to prevalence of FH globally
7 Inheritance of FH No change
8 CAD risk in FH No change
9 Age threshold for premature CAD Question rephrased
11 Genetic test in FH No change
22   Added: Target LDL-c in FH
23   Added: Family history in FH
24   Added: Exclusion of FH diagnosis
25   Added: Management options in FH
Total items: 7   Total items: 11
Awareness domain
1 Familiarity with FH No change
2 Awareness of Australian FH guideline Modified to awareness of NICE FH guideline
16 Awareness of lipid specialist service No change except for question number
19   Added: Awareness of FH diagnostic criteria
20   Added: Awareness of other FH guidelines
Total items: 3   Total items: 5
Practice domain
5 Assistance in FH detection No change
10 Family screening of FH Question rephrased
12 Number of FH patients under care Moved to demography
13 Screening of relatives in FH No change
14 Effective healthcare provider in FH No change
15 Age for FH screening in young individuals No change
17 Referral to lipid specialist No change except for question number
18 Pharmacotherapy used in hypercholesterolaemia Question rephrased
19 Combined pharmacotherapy used in severe hypercholesterolaemia Question rephrased
21   Added: CAD risk stratification in FH
Total items: 9   Total items: 9
  1.  FH, familial hypercholesterolaemia; CAD, coronary artery disease; LDL-c, low density lipoprotein cholesterol; NICE, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence