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Table 2 Identification of themes

From: Factors related to fear of movement after acute cardiac hospitalization

Themes Categories Sub-categories
Factors related to kinesiophobia
Disrupted health care process Negative experience health care system Reluctancy hospital
Losing faith in the hospital
Feeling isolated during stay
Long waiting time for cardiac rehabilitation
Referral problems cardiac rehabilitation
Inconsistent information at hospital discharge Building up Physical activity
Cardiac event/intervention
Side effects medication
Impact words physician
Negative beliefs and attitudes concerning physical activity Body signals during physical activity Chest pain/dyspnea
Prior experience/hypervigilance
Side effects medication
Serious vs innocent
Fear of injury
Distrusting the body
Passive coping style Avoidance of PA
Preventing physical activity patient
Hypervigilance (informal caregiver)
Factors related to low or no kinesiophobia
Understanding necessity of physical activity after ACH Previous experience serious illness Appreciation of the value of physical activity
Controlling co-morbidity with physical activity
Illness spouse
Receiving and understanding information Health literacy
Correct attribution body signals
Positive experience with exercise and physical activity Feeling healthy
Experiencing support Social support network Sharing stories with fellow cardiac patients
Graded exposure to PA with informal caregiver
Support needs
Tailored information and support Themes Categories
Consistent information Physical activity
Cardiac event/intervention
Side effects medication
Guidance health care professional Reassurance/trusting health care professional
Developing an active lifestyle
Building up physical activity
Stimulating self-efficacy