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Table 4 Sex-specific relationship between changes in heart rate during head-up tilt test and selected biomarker in univariate and multivariate regression analysis

From: Proteomic analysis reveals sex-specific biomarker signature in postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome

β95% CIP-valueβ95% CIP-value
MB−1.81−5.35 to 1.720.317−0.66−4.35 to 3.030.726
GH1.280.48 to 2.080.0020.950.13 to 1.760.024
 β95% CIP-valueβ95% CI-value
MB−7.44−12.05 to −2.820.003−5.0−9.46 to − 0.540.03
GH0.52−0.53 to 1.580.3310.06−0.94 to 1.060.908
  1. aAdjusted for age and body mass index